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About Us

Hi my name is Laura Bastion….I have worked from home for over 16 years now.

See I am a mother….and my number one priority has always been my family.  I wanted to be there to watch my children grow…

When people ask what I do me always hear….

“It must be nice to work from home”

“What do you do?”

“How did you get started?”

So here is my story….

So when I was pregnant for third child I decided, it was time for a change.  The doctor made the decision easy for me…as he put me on bed rest…and I needed income desperately! Living on 1 income is not easy in the society we live in…and 12 years ago gas prices were not what they are now!

So I started my work at home quest!   I desperately searched online or things that could bring me income.  Imagine 12 years ago, I started out with dial-up internet…..on my computer at a snail pace

Well I think I fell for every scam online…Mystery Shoppers, Survey takers, envelope stuffing…you name it I tried it.  I wasted money I did not have on several of these things.

Than I found an advertisement for a company looking for someone to-do sales from home.  It was a local company doing website design. I started my online career! Finally a BREAK…..I was provided leads from the company, and I called them did the follow-up and closed sales… It was a commission only job. I was in LOVE with working from home….here I was on bed rest…and working from my computer out of my bedroom generating income!!! Wooohooo

But then…..the company quit paying my commission…

Back to square one……

So I started doing research again….. LOST MORE money….on scams…uggh all I wanted to do is generate income…

I found a company…..where you were a live operator taking incoming calls…. (You know those infomercials…when you called in, they actually were redirected to my home….and I could take the incoming calls, a screen popped up on my computer when they called…I read the script and took the order)  I was solo EXCITED! They paid 25 cents a minute while you were on the phone…I thought, to myself wow, that is really good money!!  BUT…..the downside was you could get 1 call average of 4 minute in an hour that you were logged in….. So I had to be available for 4 hours and I would make $4…and during those 4 hours…we had to have complete quiet…no kids in the background…no dogs barking…..needless to say that did not work out

Back to square one

After weeks of research and frustration I found a company that did b2b telemarketing, basically setting appointments for lawyers and accountants….It paid $8 per hour plus commission. Not bad for working from home…..I was thrilled a real paycheck!! But I hated the job…it was miserable cold calling businesses…it was not fun at all….I HATED IT…but I did it…

Shortly after I had started with the above company, I was approached by a MLM company that was really reaching out to moms…honestly I did not even have $29 to my name to join…let alone the cost of products every month…but on a spur of the moment decision I decided to joined…told a few family and friends about the company and then did nothing else…

BUT then….my father had a heart attack…I was not able to work my telemarketing job, and found it a good reason to leave the job at the time….

I needed income…..in talking with my enroller…she told me how I could call moms who requested info on working from home and make a great income….The thought of calling people who requested info instead of cold calling…was exhilarating…so I started making my dials…..I was pretty faithful with 100 dials a day…and my business quickly grew….I was making a pretty income from home……and having a lot of fun doing it…I continually invested ½ of my profits into advertising and building my  business….

BUT then….I got burned out….

  • I did not want to make 100 dials a day…
  • I did not want to contact family and friends
  • I did not want to do sales anymore…….
  • I was back to researching online…

I came across a site called GURU.com it had a lot of freelance offers…I searched for something I qualified for….

I applied for EVERYTHING….

I bet I applied for 200 + positions

And no response I was getting desperate…..

And then FINALLY I found a position working on Help Desk for an Online Marketer!!

Wow. I was thrilled…. $8 an hour working from home….just answering help desk tickets….

I LOVED IT!! I really loved it… I quickly advanced in the company from help desk support to project management….

I  LEARNED a TON about internet marketing….. I learned about website design, creating sales pages, affiliate marketing, joint ventures…and more….

I loved what I was doing…..nothing better! I worked him for a few years…..

But then…one day we had an argument I WAS MAD…..

So I applied for several other positions as a Virtual Assistant… I quickly landed another position

And from there…things have spiraled….I have learned and built on my skills, I have built a successful business as a Virtual Assistant…. I actually now turn down clients….how crazy is that?

I have learned so much about working from home….and so many things about being a Virtual Assistant…the INS…The outs

I have had the privilege of working with so a many great clients from authors, to marketers, to coaches and speakers, financial experts…..and more I haves helped them grow their online businesses and provided the support the needed to grow virtually…

What is even better…..is every year since I started I have increased my income significantly…which is pretty amazing in the economy we live in with job cuts, pay decreases…my income has gone up…..

I have even had the privilege to coach friends and family…into building their own Virtual Assistant Business….

But now…I have a bigger mission my mission is to help more mothers be able to work from home.  The fact is the virtual world is GROWING even faster now….

More and more entrepreneurs are starting online businesses everyday….They are starting businesses on Shoe-string budget…BUT they can’t do it alone…they need virtual support.

Which opens thousands of Virtual positions….yes there are people out there from overseas they can hire for $2 an hour…but the communication gap…is hard…

My goal and mission is to help hundreds of mothers start their own Virtual Assistant Business and be able to work from home, contributing to their family’s income…

Think about it…what could an extra $400 a month mean for your family?  Would you be willing work 5 hours a week, to add $400 a month to your budget?

That could be a car payment!

Sooo what is stopping you from getting started??

Follow Our Blog, and Learn! See how you can start working from home today!

Virtually Yours,