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Are you still dreaming of starting your Virtual Assistant Business?

Are you still dreaming of starting your Virtual Assistant Business?

Just can’t find the push or motivation to get started?

Are you stuck deciding what to do and where to start? I bet you might even be wondering if you can do this, and you questioning your skills and abilities. You might even be wondering if you can make enough money to survive.

Even though I know you are good enough and you have what it takes….all you need to is START!

If you do not take the first step, nothing is going to change and tomorrow you are going to be in the same place that you are today.

I used to think procrastination is what stopped people from starting their Virtual Assistant Businesses. After several long conversations, I started to realize…it was not procrastination stopping them from starting the Virtual Service business.

Lets see if any of these reasons hit home…

#1 I don’t have any money… (How much does it really cost to start a Virtual Assistant Business anyways?)

Well you’re not looking at starting a retail chain. You’re looking at starting a virtual service business from home.

And …I bet you have almost everything you need right now. I said ….WHAT? Yep! I bet you have almost everything you need right now, your just not using it for business. And guess what? When you start building a business, these things are called “Tax Deductions”.

The world of the internet has made starting a business soooo much easier and less expensive than it used to be.

Most families already have a computer, internet and a telephone. They are just not using them to make money. Instead they are being used to waste time on Facebook and useless entertainment (not saying Facebook is bad …it is actually a great marketing tool!)

You WILL have expenses. It is a called a business for a reason. You might have to chalk up a few hundred bucks for some software or training, but the return on investment will be well worth it! A bonus is that in the virtual service world, the ROI is usually pretty fast!

Look at the facts…

EVEN if you have a JOB you have expenses. Do you pay to put gas in your car to go to work? What about the clothes you wear for work??

#2 My spouse/family/friends don’t think I can make money with a virtual service business.

What rock are they living under?

There is sooo much money to made online in the “Virtual Services Industry! I can tell you story after story of entrepreneurs I have helped be successful over the years…It is crazy.

With that said, I do understand what your going through. When I started online in 2000 (yep dial-up internet days), no-one believed in me. They didn’t think it was possible. They thought I was wasting time. I didn’t have the resources to learn from the “been there befores.” So I did lose money in the beginning. But I would not trade those life lessons for anything!

You are soo lucky to be starting now…all you need to do is, follow the path of those who have been successful.

My answer to this problem is PROVE them wrong…that is what what I did!

Surround yourself with others who support your dreams, and ideas, and can help you get there (Join our Facebook Group for Support)

#3 I don’t know if I have the skills to start a virtual assistant business.

Well, unless you were born under a money tree…I guarantee you have some skills! Take a quick inventory of the skills you have learned and used in your JOB or previous JOBS.

On top of that , we live in a world that knowledge is literally at our fingertips. Even when my kids ask me a question my answer is “Google It”. Develop the skills you need. Invest in your learning. Online training courses and support cost much less than a college degree and can be FAR more valuable.

Do something! Action=ACTION! Keep the wheels going and it will get you to your destination.

Start with your current skills and NEVER stop learning. Grow your knowledge and you become more valuable!

You may be saying yeah..but what do I do first…

The answer is the same thing….do something! Anything!

Buy a domain name, set up your website, go bid on some jobs on Guru or Upwork…Build Your Linkedin Profile…JUST do something!

#4 I don’t have the time to start my virtual assistant business.

I am a mom and I KNOW that time is a valuable asset. And I get it your working 40 hour a week and wonder how much more you can fit in your schedule.
But I also know how easy it is today to waste time with today’s technology. Seriously a Netflix Binge can make you lose 20 hours plus.

Time is an asset that you can’t buy. But we find time in our lives for things that are important.

Soooo how important is it for you to start your business? How important is it for you to control your schedule? How important is it for you to control how much income you make each year?

Look for a way that you can fit 2 hours a day into your schedule. Can you wake up an hour earlier? Can you go to bed an hour later? Can you fit some time in on Saturday morning? You can start small, there is no time limit on how long it takes you to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

#5 I don’t want to risk my job, what if I fail?

YEP starting your own business is always risky…no doubt about it. And I can’t guarantee you won’t fail because there are so many variables in your own efforts.

But let’s look at the other side of the coin. Do you want to wonder for the rest of your life…what could have happened if you had tried? Do you want to wonder forever what your life could have been like ?

Do you want to miss out on your child’s first steps?

Or the dance recital, because your boss made you work late yet again?

Plan smart, start small , plan for growth.

Before quitting the day job have 2 -3 months wages saved for emergencies.

Another thing I have learned over the years…is never let 1 client control 50% or more of your income…because than it hurts when you lose that client. It is better to have 4 clients at 10 hours a week each than it is to have 2 clients at 20 hours a week each. It will not hurt so bad if you lose a client.

#6 I don’t think I can find enough clients for my Virtual Assistant business. There is too much competition.

As I sit and type that reason, I am laughing out loud! The Virtual Assistant/Virtual Service industry is BOOMING. There is a HUGE need for more qualified virtual assistant/virtual service professionals. And the need is not going away.

As more and more online businesses start , small business owners cannot always afford to bring in employees. They need to contract the work out.

The types of businesses you can work with is endless. I know a fellow Virtual Assistant that I helped get started that works with Local business owners because it is cheaper for them to hire her than bring someone on staff. the possibilities are endless.

Ecommerce, Business Coaches, Real Estate, Authors…. and more NEED you!

They need your expertise! They can’t do it all on their own.

You don’t need any. Seriously. And once you actually start your business you will naturally make connections. The truth is, starting a small web-based business is usually a solo venture. That’s not to say meeting people won’t help. It will. Tremendously. What I mean is, if you can’t make things happen yourself, then by involving other people you’ll just waste everyone’s time.

AND the biggest reason you are not starting your virtual assistant business….

Wait for it…

Are you ready?

#7 FEAR of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown is the biggest reason you are holding off on starting your virtual assistant/virtual service business.

Almost everyone is afraid when they start a business, heck when they start anything new. Most just will never admit to it.

It is okay to be afraid. If you’re not smart about it, you could fail. If you give up, you could fail.

But what if none of that happens?

What if you build the business that your dreaming of and you’re able to work from home, around your schedule, living the life you want?

I guarantee every small business owner at one time faces these same fears…and honestly when you look hard at the excuses…they are kind of lame..yep I said it…LAME!

So you continue to go down the same path your in, day after day, and you start to resent the life you have because you give control to a JOB and you remain broke and your spirit remains broken.

Sooo…..What is stopping you from starting your Virtual Assistant Business?

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Virtually Yours,