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Who is Your Ideal Client for Your Virtual Assistant Business?

Who is Your Ideal Client for Your Virtual Assistant Business?

It takes all type of clients to make the world go ‘round….seriously!

The clients you have will influence how well you like your virtual assistant business on a day to day basis.

So choose carefully!

I have worked with clients that I dreaded to get on the phone with! I have worked with clients that I can’t wait to work on their projects, and I am excited to talk with them.

It makes a difference.

If you have the dreaded client…they are not your idea client

Once you have established your business, DO NOT take on clients that you dread working with, trust me when I say this to you.

You will eventually regret it!

In the beginning, you might be learning who that “ideal client” is, and that is ok.

Just be sure you have an exit plan for clients that are not ideal.

This is your virtual assistant business. If you clash with someone, you do not have to work with them.

Do you have a good idea of who your ideal clients are?

Look at people you have worked for in the past. Take their pros and cons and keep the pros and form a profile of the perfect client! Who did you like to work for and why? Who did you NOT like to work for? And why not? These will help you immensely.

Here are a few things that all ideal clients should have

  • Ability to pay you on time: Nothing is more stressful than clients consistently paying their invoices late. If they cannot afford your services, they are not the perfect client.
  • Treats you with respect: They show respect to your skills and treat you as such. They will treat you as an equal.
  • Will give you projects in a timely manner: They won’t give you the information at 8:00 am and expect results by 9:00 am.
  • They are familiar and comfortable with having someone work virtually: They have to understand that even if you are not there physically, the job will still be done by the deadline and done right.
  • Understand technology: If they expect to communicate via email or chat, they must understand how those platforms work.
  • Communicate easily: They will tell you exactly what they want and by when they want it. You don’t have to try and read their minds. And they will give you constructive criticism if needed.

It sounds harder than it is to find an ideal client. There are thousands of people starting businesses online every day, not counting the entrepreneurs that are more established!

Here are other things to consider

  • Do you prefer to work with males or female entrepreneurs
  • Do you prefer to work in a particular type of business model, or industry ( Are they in real estate, are they a business coach, health coach, e-commerce?)
  • Where are they located? I personally prefer in the US, I have worked with clients in Australia, and London)
  • Do you prefer to work with clients who communicate via email, phone or instant messenger
  • Do you prefer project clients or long term clients?
  • What services will they require from you?
  • Do they require you be available during certain hours?
  • What task do you prefer to do?

Your perfect, ideal client will want the kind of services you offer.

You need to know what services you enjoy doing before you start choosing clients. Your Virtual Assistant business is about choosing to do what you love; it is not supposed to ever feel like the “JOB”. You should be excited to wake up and work!

Creating a client profile is very valuable. Eventually, you’ll know just by visiting with them for 10-15 minutes whether they are your ideal client or not. You need to feel good about going to work with them. You want to have a relationship that is strong and only gets stronger.

By taking the time to do a client profile and finding a client you feel good about, you will start building a virtual service business you truly love.

Now I would love to hear from you….who is your ideal client?

Virtually Yours,






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